6 Questions to Ask Your Hamilton Plumber

Questions to Ask Your Hamilton Plumber

Before you hire someone to unclog your drains, fix your broken sewer line or remove tree roots from your pipes, you have to make sure that they’re licensed and that they know what they’re doing, among other things. There are a few more questions you have to ask your Hamilton plumber before you hire them, and that’s exactly what we’re delving into in this article.

Here’s What to Ask Your Hamilton Plumber Before Getting Started

Are You a Licensed Plumber?

Trade certification is compulsory in all of Ontario, so the first thing you should check is your Hamilton plumber’s licensing. You can ask them personally or check licences for all trades in Ontario here. A valid plumber’s licence is important for several reasons; it guarantees that the person (or company) you’re paying acquired their skills through completion of secondary school and a 4-5 year apprenticeship. It’s essentially a guarantee that the person has both the knowledge and experience needed to fix your plumbing system. Unsuccessful repairs and bad work are generally more common with unlicensed plumbers, and you definitely don’t want that to happen with your pipes because it can lead to flooding, water contamination, sewer gas, and fires.

Unlicensed plumbers rarely offer a warranty for their work, and since they’re not properly trained, the likelihood of injury is greater. Additionally, some gear and chemicals used in the industry are only sold to licensed plumbers, and unlicensed plumbers don’t have access to them.

Birnie Plumbing has all the registrations, licences, insurance, and qualifications required by the province of Ontario. We’ve run a legitimate plumbing services company for over 100 years – so long that our licence with the city of Hamilton is #002!

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Most Hamilton plumbers (and people in other trades) offer a warranty for their work. In case something goes wrong after they fix the original problem, and it’s determined that the fixing of the old problem caused the new issue, most plumbers offer a free fix. Also, if the old problem reappears, meaning that the plumbers originally haven’t done their job right, you should have that fixed free of charge.

In case the plumber can’t give you a warranty, they usually have a good reason for it, and they’ll explain it to you.

Birnie Plumbing & Drains’ expert workmanship is fully backed by a written warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Do You Have Any Experience with Older Plumbing Systems?

We can’t stress enough how important it is for a Hamilton plumber to have experience with older plumbing systems, especially if you’re buying a home or if you’re getting a lot of work done on your sewer system (if you’re completely refurbishing a house, for example). Hamilton is an old city, and a lot of residential areas have ancient plumbing systems (for plumbing standards). Lead pipes are still fairly common, as well as sewer lines that haven’t been replaced in decades.

If you live in a home with an older plumbing system and you need something fixed or replaced, we’d recommend a plumber experienced with Hamilton’s older plumbing system. Also, if you’re buying an older home in the area, it’d be good to schedule a plumbing inspection with plumbers who have experience with older plumbing systems.

Older plumbing system experience? Birnie Plumbing & Drains has been working with Hamilton plumbing systems for over 100 years! How’s that for experience?

What is Your Plumbing Specialty?

Not all plumbers are jacks-of-all-trades. In fact, most aren’t. There are many fields within plumbing that some plumbers specialize in, while others know very little about them. Trenchless services, for example, aren’t something all plumbers offer, while others don’t often work with tree root removal. Make sure to ask your Hamilton plumber if they have experience with the exact problem you need help with!

Because Birnie Plumbing & Drains has such a large team of experienced plumbers in Hamilton, we are one of the rare plumbing companies that can help with nearly any plumbing issue. Our plumbing services include drains, pipes & leaks, trenchless services ( no-dig sewer lining & sewer pipe bursting), hot water heaters, toilet plumbing, showers & baths, taps & sinks and more! Just give us a call and let us know your issue, and we’ll look after it right away.

How Long is the Job Going to Take and How Much Will It Cost?

A question as important as any other – at the end of the day, you’re the one paying for the fix, and you want it to be done as quickly as possible and lighten the wallet as little as possible. When it comes to most fixes, plumbers can tell you the price in advance or at least give you an estimation. The same can be said for the time it will take to take care of the problem. In some cases, however, it’s impossible to know exactly how much a fix is going to cost until the plumbers ‘get in there.’ This is common with complex fixes, such as replacing entire sewer lines, as we can’t really know how much damage there is until we get our hands on the pipes and thus can’t know the exact price.

Rather than giving uninformed estimates over the phone, Birnie Plumbing & Drains comes over and thoroughly assesses the scope of your issue before quoting you. That way, we can give you clear, up-front pricing. Before we start any work, our experts will provide a detailed estimate, giving you a complete understanding of the job scope and costs. This approach lets you make informed decisions and eliminates surprises when the bill arrives. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs—what you see is what you get.

How Can I Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen Again?

A good plumber will always advise you on how to make sure that whatever has happened doesn’t happen again. For example, if your pipes get clogged and a plumber has to unclog them, definitely ask them about all the things you shouldn’t wash down the sink or flush down the toilet (you’d be surprised how long the list is). Some of the most common plumbing issues are entirely avoidable if you know what not to do, and a plumber should warn you about these things.

Generations of families and businesses have trusted Birnie Plumbing & Drains to keep their plumbing systems in optimal condition. Through the decades, we’ve built an unshakeable reputation for integrity, honesty, quality, reliability, and superior customer service, which includes helpful advice to help prevent your issues from happening again.

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