Emergency Plumbing Issues? Why You Should Call a Hamilton Plumber

Nothing will ruin your day after coming home from a long day at work as much as a burst pipe or a broken-down water heater that won’t start working no matter what you do. All of these are plumbing emergencies that require intervention from a Hamilton plumber who knows what they’re doing and is well-acquainted with localized issues.

Burst and Leaking Pipes (Experience with Cold Season Plumbing Issues)

Winter-related emergencies are some of the most common plumbing emergencies in Hamilton. The winters here are cold, with temperatures often dropping to -6°C (or even lower), which can result in burst pipes in homes that haven’t prepared for the winter. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you have to insulate your pipes before the temperatures drop and cut off all running water supply to exposed pipes. A lot of people forget to do this, causing the water to freeze in the pipes, and when water freezes – it expands, resulting in burst pipes. Once you turn the water back on in the spring, you’ll notice that it’s leaking somewhere.

This is where your Hamilton plumber comes in, usually to replace your pipes because that’s much safer than patching them up. A burst pipe is definitely a plumbing emergency, as the water will ruin everything around it. If it happens in your home, it can destroy the floor and the walls, while a burst pipe in the garden can overwater your plants and grass, causing them to rot.

Aside from low temperatures, pipes can burst and cause a flood for a glut of reasons. There could be a buildup of dirt and grime, usually caused by irresponsibly washing food debris down the sink or flushing it down the toilet, or rust that’s simply weakened the pipes to the point of breaking because of the pressure. No matter the reason, your Hamilton plumber can fix your burst pipes and teach you how to prevent it from happening again.

Backed-up Sewage

A sewer backup is every homeowner’s nightmare because it’s, quite frankly, disgusting, and it can cause extensive damage to your home, not to mention the health risks it poses. It’s often a combination of reasons that causes this problem, and some of the most common reasons are old and damaged sewer lines, heavy rainfall, tree roots in your sewer lines, and blocked lines. Just like a burst pipe, a sewage flood can severely damage your home and your yard, not to mention the horrendous smell and the health risks.

Once you evacuate your home and call your Hamilton plumber, they’ll clean up the sewage, open a sewer cleanout line to ensure no more sewage flows into your home and identify the reason behind the incident. Once they figure out what caused the backup, they’ll start fixing it (or replacing the sewage line, which is a bit rare because sewage lines are built to last) to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Tree root invasion is a common cause of emergency plumbing issues for both the sewers and water supply, especially with old plumbing systems, as the tree roots invade and break open the pipes. If this happens, the pipes need fixing and replacing, while the tree needs to be removed.

Fixing a backed-up sewer line is something you need specialized equipment for, not to mention knowledge and experience, and this is where your Hamilton plumber is absolutely key.

Fixing Broken Water Heaters

A cold shower is never a comfortable experience, and since water heaters are somewhat complex appliances, it’s best never to mess with them on your own but rather call a plumber to fix one for you. You’ll easily notice when your water heater is acting up – the most obvious sign is the lack of warm water, but it can also start making odd noises; the water could be cloudy or smelly, and you might even see the heater leak. If you notice any of these things, call your Hamilton plumber, as these water heater experts will inspect the unit, check the parts that are the likeliest to break down (such as the thermostat or the gas valve), and either replace them or fix them.

A water heater is something you should not try fixing on your own because you can actually hurt yourself – always call a plumber!

Your Hamilton Plumber Can Prevent Emergency Plumbing Issues

Aside from fixing your plumbing emergencies when they occur, a good plumber will always tell you how to ensure they don’t happen again. Be it backed-up sewage, burst pipes, a leaky toilet, or a broken-down water heater, ask your Hamilton plumber what steps to take to prevent the incident from repeating.

Facing a plumbing emergency in Hamilton? Don’t panic! Birnie Plumbing & Drains offers rapid, reliable service 24/7. With over 100 years of trust, we ensure your plumbing issues are fixed promptly. Protect your home today – call us for peace of mind and expert emergency solutions!