Why Professional Plumbing Services Are Essential for Your Business

To profit, you have to maximize your income while minimizing your expenses, and wasting unnecessary money on utilities is one of the worst ways you can waste money when running a business. Your plumber can, however, help you minimize your expenditure with regular maintenance and maximize water efficiency. Even more than that, they can keep your customers and staff happy and ensure you comply with government regulations.

Here are a few reasons why professional plumbing services are essential for your business.

Good Plumbing Ensures a Comfortable Workspace for Your Staff

The vast majority of businesses, regardless of business sector, have toilets and sinks (often called hand washing stations in official jargon) that check the box under government regulation about workplace hygiene. Plumbing in a professional environment, however, goes far beyond a pair of toilets and sinks. Some businesses, ones that require their staff to be on-site all the time instead of going home at the end of the day, need to provide their staff with showers, washing and drying machines, and a working kitchen. This, of course, further requires more water appliances that need regular maintenance, such as water heaters, and often in a great number.

For example, if your workgroup is located far away from their homes, and the showers lose all hot water, it’ll significantly affect their mood, morale and working performance. This is where working with a professional plumber really shows its worth since they’re used to massive workloads, such as installing, maintaining, and repairing dozens of toilets, sinks, showers, water heaters, and other water appliances.

Comply with Government Rules About Plumbing

Aside from government regulations pertaining to working conditions, there are also government regulations that relate to your customers directly or the inner workings of the business. For example, if you own a restaurant, café, or hotel, you obviously need to provide your guests with toilets, sinks, and showers (more often than not, they need to be separate from the facilities for the staff). This only adds another layer of responsibility, as it’d be incredibly unprofessional (not to mention illegal) if your guests weren’t able to wash their hands.

An incredibly important thing to keep in mind is industrial water, or industrial wastewater, to be more precise. The treatment and release of industrial wastewater is very strictly regulated (check Ontario regulations here), and you truly need to be on top of things to ensure you don’t release unclean water into the environment. Any business can inadvertently release wastewater into the environment; it’s easy to do; even the City of Hamilton has accidentally released wastewater into Lake Ontario. Ask for help from your plumber when setting up the industrial machines, equipment, and filters and connecting them to your plumbing to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Maximize Water Efficiency and Lower Your Water Bill

To help you save money on utility bills, your plumber might advise you on some low-expenditure, high-efficiency water appliances. This mainly refers to low-flow technology but also to the upkeep of existing plumbing systems. Starting with the latter, when your piping is regularly cleaned and checked for cracks and clogs, you’re ensuring that it’s as efficient as possible. That way, you’re not wasting any money on water, which is why all businesses (especially big businesses with a lot of water appliances) need to have their plumbing maintenance scheduled regularly.

The low-flow technology has also become very popular for saving money. Today, we have low-flow showerheads, with flow rates much lower than standard, and low-flow faucets, which do the same thing. This way, you’re not wasting additional water when showering or washing your hands. The same can be said for toilets, as we now have gravity-assisted and pressure-assisted low-flow toilets that are more than capable of disposing of all waste without wasting too much water.

Talk to your plumber about saving money on water by installing the most efficient appliances and scheduling regular upkeep, which is the best way to avoid expensive repairs. Speaking of repairs…

Avoiding Costly Plumbing Repairs

Having to waste money on new pipes, filters, or appliances is like a stake to a heart (from a financial perspective). It’s necessary, but it’s almost painful to do it since the most common repairs and replacements can often be avoided through regular maintenance. If you schedule regular maintenance, your plumber will check your pipes for clogs, cracks, rust, winter damage (which is very common with outdoor-based businesses that don’t winterize their pipes), and tree root damage. You can prevent costly repairs to your plumbing if you perform these checks regularly (listen to your plumber’s advice), as most of these issues can be handled easily if they’re spotted early enough.

If you let them develop, however, they’ll only become more difficult to handle, which will eventually damage your plumbing to the point where you’ll have to repair or replace parts, costing you more money in the long run.

Ensure your business runs smoothly with professional plumbing services. Don’t let plumbing issues disrupt your operations. Choose Birnie Plumbing & Drains for reliable, quality solutions. Protect your investment and maintain a safe, efficient workplace. Contact us today – your trusted partner for all plumbing needs.