The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Hamilton Plumber

Hamilton Plumber

You can find plenty of good plumbers all over Ontario, so it’s entirely fair to ask yourself why you should hire a Hamilton plumber. Well, Hamilton is not your everyday city when it comes to plumbing, and there are a few things specific to it, which means that Hamilton plumbers have a specific approach based on their experiences.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five things that set Hamilton plumbers apart.

Experience with Older Plumbing Systems

Hamilton can be a difficult place to live in when it comes to plumbing.

Since Hamilton itself is an older city, there’s plenty of old plumbing that requires a lot of work. For example, a lot of residential areas still have lead pipes. This is, first of all, potentially dangerous because lead can enter drinking water, but these pipes are also old and easy to crack. Some of these pipes require replacing, but this doesn’t apply to all lead piping, and since Hamilton plumbers have experience with the issue, they’ll instantly know whether a pipe needs replacing.

A similar thing can be said about old sewer lines, which naturally develop cracks because of wear and tear. It’s also common for plumbers to find roots in sewer lines because they weren’t exactly well-designed back in the day, and roots can penetrate into the lines through small crevices and gaps between the lines and the concrete. This is something a Hamilton plumber will know to look for.

Hamilton actually has a lot of problems with sewage. Wastewater sewage has been leaking into the Hamilton Harbour for about 26 years. While this incident doesn’t have much to do with residential areas, it goes to show that sewage in the city isn’t well maintained (to say the least), which is why local plumbers will always approach it with special care.

Cold Season Plumbing Issues

Temperatures during the cold season can get very low, and you need to have your pipes winterized to prevent them from cracking – this is something every Hamilton plumber knows. Since the average yearly temperature is about 4°C, dropping to about -6 °C during the coldest months of the year, the water in pipes that weren’t insulated freezes easily. If you hire a plumber for annual plumbing maintenance, they’ll look for exposed pipes without insulation and insulate them before they crack. They’ll also know to cut off the outside water supply and empty the pipes completely before the water gets the chance to freeze!

The Difference Between Lower and Upper City Plumbing

There’s a noticeable difference between upper and lower city weather. The upper city gets more snow, rain, and wind, meaning that upper city sewer lines are generally busier than lower city sewers. However, the lower city is actually in more danger of flooding! Come spring, all of that snow melts, and since water always flows downwards, the lower city gets the worst of it, which is why lower city sewers have to be ready for the massive snowmelt off the mountain.
All of Hamilton’s lower city is considered flood-prone, but the areas surrounding the Woodward Wastewater Plant are especially vulnerable, as well as older Hamilton neighbourhoods, which were built without storm sewers. An experienced Hamilton plumber knows all of this, so you can expect them to check your sewer lines with extra attention.

Local Hamilton Laws

In Hamilton, the property owners themselves are responsible for the care and maintenance of piping leading up to the main sewer lines and storm drains. This means that if there’s a crack, clog, blockage, tree roots, or any type of damage to that part of the sewer and storm pipes, it’s your responsibility to have it checked out and pay for it on your own.

If it’s determined that the roots of a city-owned tree damaged your sewer pipeline, you might be eligible for reimbursement. This is, for example, something that an experienced Hamilton plumber will know of, and they’ll advise you about it.

Supporting Your Local Economy

Finally, let’s not forget that by hiring a Hamilton plumber, you’re supporting the local economy. Hamilton is a self-sustainable city in many different ways, and hiring locally helps the city keep that status. Hamilton plumbers can handle the workload presented by the spring floods, cold season inspections, and various sewage repairs, so you’re never in doubt about getting the quickest and the most experienced plumbers.

The biggest benefit of hiring a Hamilton plumber is speed, which isn’t talked about enough. Whether you need us for those minor plumbing issues, such as clogged drains, cracked pipes, water heaters that just don’t seem to work, or large-scale work, such as trenchless sewer repair and excavation, we’ll try to fix your plumbing system as soon as possible. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call Birnie & Sons and book your plumber’s visit today!