Why Does My Shower Squeal and Make Noises?

Shower Squeal and Make Noises

A warm, cozy shower should be as relaxing as possible. It is the ideal time to calm your mind and recharge your body. However, you may feel disturbed by a high-pitched squealing or whistling sound from your shower head. This constant noise can be troublesome, disrupting the peace and serenity of your daily shower.

The shower makes a squealing noise for various reasons. Sometimes, the sound comes from old shower parts, a broken diverter valve, or issues with the shower cartridge. Likewise, there may be specific problems with the showerhead or shower hose. Occasionally, a shower squeals because the water pressure level is too high. You should consult a plumber to diagnose the underlying cause of your shower squealing.

A noisy shower is not only irritating, but it can also be concerning. Why does my shower squeal? Can I fix the parts, or will a replacement be necessary? Here are the common reasons that explain why a shower is squealing:

Old shower head

Shower Squeal and Make Noises
Has your showerhead put in years of service in your bathroom? If you have a squealing showerhead, it may be time to replace the old version with a new system. As showerheads age, the rubber nozzles can wear out. The insides get marred by limescale and mineral buildup. As your old showerhead deteriorates, it becomes noisier, less efficient, and more prone to malfunction. It’s best to replace the showerhead unit.

Limescale from shower head

Shower Squeal and Make Noises
Limescale and other minerals can build up in your showerhead, even if it isn’t that old. This problem frequently occurs when you live somewhere with high quantities of hard water. If the water contains a lot of dissolved mineral content, it leads to a buildup of minerals in your showerhead. This accumulation can partially clog the showerhead nozzles, which causes a squealing sound.

To remedy this, try cleaning your showerhead with vinegar. Remove the showerhead and soak it in a bowl of vinegar for an hour or two. Use a clean toothbrush to dislodge any minerals. Finally, run a hot shower to remove any remaining buildup. If you cannot remove the showerhead, grab a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Secure the bag to your showerhead with a few thick elastic bands and let it sit for an hour.

Be aware that vinegar can damage some finishes since it is an acid. It may not be the best home remedy, especially if your showerhead has a gold, nickel, or brass finish. Instead, consult plumbing services for guidance.

Shower head pipe

Shower Squeal and Make Noises

Sometimes, the squealing noise doesn’t come directly from the showerhead. Instead, the culprit is the adjacent showerhead pipe. As you shower, the showerhead pipe comes into contact with lots of water. It accumulates limescale and mineral buildup. Over time, the buildup reduces the space available for the water. It causes a whistling sound as the water moves through the pipes.

You can remove the showerhead and try cleaning the pipe. However, it’s more practical to contact a plumber for this task. Cleaning a showerhead pipe can be tricky since it’s a delicate part prone to damage. A professional plumber will fix the showerhead pipe quickly with the correct tools.

Shower diverter valve

Shower Squeal and Make Noises
A diverter valve is a piece you pull or twist to direct the water into the showerhead from the tub faucet. These mechanisms can cause a whistling or squeaking sound as they wear out. You can test by simply pulling or twisting the valve to divert the water to the shower. If you hear squeaking, you may need to replace your diverter valve.

Shower water pressure

Shower Squeal and Make Noises
Have you noticed increased water pressure in your squealing shower? High water pressure could be causing your noisy showerhead! Water comes out of the showerhead aggressively when the pressure is too high. That rush of motion causes a squealing sound. Try installing a water pressure regulator to see if this can fix the problem.

Shower cartridge

Shower Squeal and Make Noises
A shower cartridge is hidden out of sight, usually behind the walls. The cartridge controls the speed that water flows to your showerhead. Like your showerhead, it is subject to limescale buildup, which could be causing the squealing noise. Due to its inconvenient location, replacing the cartridge can be difficult. Contact a plumber for a shower cartridge replacement.

Shower handle valve

Shower Squeal and Make Noises
Your shower has handles that change the temperature. These handles are connected to valves, which can wear down as they age. The deterioration causes the pesky squealing. Like other shower parts, replacing the handles and valves can be tricky. It’s best to call a plumber for this fix.