7 Reasons Why My Toilet Keeps Clogging for No Reason

7 Reasons Why My Toilet Keeps Clogging for No Reason

A blocked toilet is a nuisance the first time it happens. However, a toilet that keeps clogging all the time escalates into a crisis. The frequent blockages indicate a deeper problem in your plumbing system, from faulty parts to damaged sewer lines. The clogs will become more and more troubling unless you fix the issue at its root cause.

Sometimes, it might seem like your toilet keeps clogging for no reason. It can feel particularly frustrating after you cleared an earlier blockage, only for another clog to happen soon afterwards. Nobody wants to waste their time unclogging a toilet after every flush. Instead, you should contact a plumber and investigate why the toilet gets clogged.

What can you do about a clogged toilet? First, you need to understand where the blockages originate. Then, you can take preventative measures to stop the problem from occurring again. Below are seven explanations for why a toilet keeps getting clogged:

1. Toilet clogged with toilet paper

Your toilet keeps clogging for no reason due to the toilet paper blockages.

Cleaning up with toilet paper is a necessity after our bathroom visits. We often take toilet paper for granted, forgetting it is a delicate material that works in a specific way. Typically, toilet paper can absorb water and decompose in the septic sewage system. However, it needs adequate time to absorb water before dissolving.

When you flush down too much toilet paper at once, it can compromise the decomposition process and cause blockages. Avoid this problem by paying attention to how much toilet paper you use. You can flush the toilet more than once to separate the amount if needed. Also, share this issue with household members so that everyone stops clogging the toilet with excessive paper.

2. Items that should not be flushed down the toilet

The toilet keeps clogging for no reason because of items that should not be flushed down.

We assume our toilets are the perfect place to flush away our problems. However, its design isn’t like a garbage disposal. Your toilet is for flushing human waste and toilet paper, but that’s about it. Do not flush disinfectant wipes, Q-tips, or cotton balls. These materials don’t break easily and can quickly clog the pipes. Even personal hygiene products should never go down the toilet.

Instead, put a wastebasket beside your toilet with a durable plastic bag. You can throw all your non-flushable items in this container, emptying the bag with the rest of the weekly trash. If you have children, remind them the toilet is not for flushing food or small toys. This type of debris may take more than a plunger to clear, so it’s best to avoid the problem altogether.

3. Clogged toilet trap

The toilet keeps clogging for no reason because of the clogged toilet trap.

Your toilet plumbing has a trap that works similarly to the P-trap under your sink. It creates a water barrier to stop toxic gases from entering your bathroom through the sewer line. Additionally, this trap catches items that fall into the toilet before going down the drain. It is typical for debris to get stuck in this plumbing part, forming a clog.

You may not notice the clog because it will occur just past the bend in the pipe. As more material gets flushed, the problem will increase. A toilet plunger should be able to clear this light clog. However, call plumbing services to handle stubborn blockages.

4. Low-flow toilet keeps clogging

A low-flow toilet may keep clogging for no reason.

Some households have low-flow toilets, which use less water to lower utility bills. However, they might be the source of your clogs. Low-flow toilets don’t use as much water to flush the system, meaning toilet paper and waste can be left behind to build up. The residue may stay in the trap or beyond. If your toilet keeps clogging, consider the pros and cons of a low-flush system for your home.

5. Clogged plumbing vent

The reason the toilet keeps clogging is due to the plumbing vent.

Your toilet has a vent that goes up through the roof. Its purpose is to vent the gases safely out of the house and regulate air pressure. Since the vent is on your roof, it might get clogged by debris like leaves, birds, and other critters. This blockage leads to an interruption in the flow inside the lines. It happens because of negative air pressure and may prevent your toilet from flushing correctly.

6. Hard water and clogged pipes

Hard water may cause the toilet to keep clogging for no reason.

You may live in an area with hard water, contributing to a clogged toilet. Hard water has high mineral content like calcium, magnesium, and trace amounts of other minerals. It is not dangerous, but these minerals may build up on the pipes. You can combat the limescale with home remedies like baking soda and vinegar. You can also install a water softener to remove the minerals from your household’s water supply.

7. Toilet sewer line clogged

The sewer line may cause the toilet clogging for no reason.

Sometimes, the source of a clogged toilet originates at the main sewer connection. Sewer lines are underground, but tree roots can break through the pipes. When the sewer lines get interrupted, this may constrict the natural flow and stop your toilet from flushing down waste. A damaged sewer line affects all toilets in the house, so go around and see if the problem exists in every bathroom.